OPS Board Candidate Information

2013 OEA General Election
January 12, 2013
2013 General Election Results
March 13, 2013

OPS Board Candidate Information

The OEA members who attended the OPS School Board Candidate Forum provided the impressions of the candidates who attended. Click on the candidate name to read the questionnaire from candidates who submitted one.


District 1-

Aja Anderson – No excuses; Brings young fresh perspective with intelligence; Already working in community outreach and in the schools; Knows the district and understands her role as a Board member in setting policy

Larry Taylor:  Well intentioned but unprepared.

Yolanda Williams –  Driven. Vast array of Parent/Teacher/Student relationships. Well-spoken, well-informed. She is willing to work with OEA, understands the role administrators play in school success.

James English – Did not attend forum but submitted resume

LaDonna York – Did not attend forum but completed questionnaire


District 2-

Morghan Price:  Inexperienced. Innovative. Willing to work with OEA, passionate.

Niokia Stewart – handled herself well in a group; focused on the need for post high school transitions and working with students who have mental health issues

Marque Snow – Did not respond to invitation


District 3-

Woody Bradford:  Committed, vigilant, understands the ineptness of the process. History of teacher advocacy. Understands policy making. Notices that teachers haven’t had a voice.

Marian Fey – Was unable to attend forum but completed the questionnaire and met with committee co-chairs to express her commitment to working with the OEA.

Bambi Bartek – Declined invitation to attend forum. Did not submit questionnaire

William Hoff – Declined invitation to attend forum. Did not submit questionnaire

Michael Warner – Did not respond to invitation


District 4-

Jill Brown:  Wants to hear the teacher voice. Early childhood educator advocate. Understands data and how it impacts education.

Eric Ewing – More authoritarian and order directed in his approach; Very focused on college readiness; Volunteers in the schools; Big on mentoring

Justin Wayne:  Well-spoken, experienced. Solid understanding of issues. Stood up for teachers. Willing to stand alone on issues he believes in.


District 5-

Nikki Diamantis:  Supporter of Vocational Training.

Lou Ann Gooding:  Financial perspective, concerned about fiscal redundancy. She is aware of current trends in education- ie Common Core Standards.

Jennifer Tompkins Kirshenbaum:  Community connected, committed, proponent for change.

Angel Martin – hard to read and follow; she had a limited depth of knowledge of the major issues

Jeff Miller – Savvy, intelligent and articulate; Spoke about the need to be good stewards to raise future resources; Board needs to build trust with the public; Focused on the need for a strategic plan

Scott Zimmerman:  Early Education background. Family of educators. Has a educators’ perspective.


District 6-

Barbara Daughton – understand micro vs macro management; she has a good  understanding of the multiples roles in education; strong commitment to early childhood

Matt Scanlan – humble; teacher advocate; nuts and bolts realist; focused on vocational education; very “everyman” who focuses on kids not politics

Nancy Kratky – Declined invitation but submitted resume

Joseph Misiunas – declined invitation and didn’t reply to questionnaire


District 7-

Danyelle Barrata:  Very focused on teacher input. Understood the role of finances. Believes in a strategic plan. Collaborative. Has good foresight.

Katie Underwood:  Fresh perspective, passionate. She is from a family of educators.

Andy Allen – Didn’t respond to invitation


District 8-

William Foresee:  Narrow-scope but well informed, supportive. “In the know” of current issues

Juliana Garza:  Advocate for communities, students, teachers’ She also is bilingual

Eugene Hoffmann:  Well-intentioned

Lacey Merica:  Committed. “Tried-true.” Understands current issues facing teacher. Innovative ideas to engage the community.

Meg Cordes – Provided press release information about her campaign

Mark Walenz – Didn’t respond to invitation


District 9-

Sarah Brumfield – Grounded, committed, will engage the conversation, & goal oriented

William Gaughan – Well intentioned; Has  moments of great clarity; Committed to student success

Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan – Didn’t attend forum or complete questionnaire

Brian Villafuerte – Didn’t respond to invitation