A/R and Alternate Recognition and $100 Incentive Plan

OEA School Board Contact Team
September 15, 2014
Membership Application (2014-2015 Regular)
September 15, 2014

A/R and Alternate Recognition and $100 Incentive Plan

We recognize that the strength and success of the Omaha Education Association is dependent to a large degree on the efforts of the Association Representatives and their Alternates! Having identified the AR role as critical, the following Recognition and Incentive Plan is being put into effect for the 2014-2015 school year for ARs and their Alternates.  Everything below that references ARs also applies to their Alternates.

All ARs who earn 125 points by the May AR meeting will receive $100 cash.  Everyone who earns 200 or more points will be put into a drawing for an iPad.

The top five point earners that qualified for the $100 cash may choose to put their name in for a drawing to have no local dues next year.  If they win, they relinquish the $100 cash.  They will have their dues for the following year reduced by amount of local dues, IF they remain an AR.

To earn points, either the AR or their designee can earn the points.  Therefore, if Andi the AR can’t do a particular task, Andi can ask another member to assist and earn the points for Andi.  Only Andi will receive the $100 incentive.  We encourage Andi to share the incentive with anyone that assisted him/her during the year to earn the _125_ points…..teamwork is a good thing! 

Ways to earn points:

  • New members- 5 points for each new member form turned in, beginning with the first student day of school and ending with the last day of school.  10 points for each new member form turned in for a teacher that is hired by OPS and starts teaching after Oct 1. Put your name at the top of the membership form to get credit for the points.
  • If you have 100% membership in your building you automatically receive 25 points.
  • 10 points for each AR meeting attended by the AR or their designee.  Communication is essential to making the OEA relevant to our members.  In order to receive the incentive, the AR or someone covering for them (designee) must attend all AR meetings. (There will be an allowance for one ‘uncovered’ AR meeting.  In order to earn the $100 incentive money, this requirement must be met.)  There should be 8 AR meetings scheduled this year, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, April, May.  Therefore six meetings must be attended by the AR or their designee.
  • Assisting in each OEA activity-15 points per activity.  Activities include New Teacher Luncheon, participating completely in Out of Pocket Cost Project, attending BOE meeting, Delegate Assembly, Representative Assembly, Board Contact Team any other activity or project that comes along that is open to participation.  If you volunteer to participate in an OEA sponsored activity but are not selected to attend, you still receive 5 points.  If you volunteer for an event and just do not show up you lose 10 points.
  • Bringing a member with you to any activity that the AR is participating in = 10 points.  Member is defined as someone that is not currently an AR or Board member that is a current member.
  • Active member on a committee- If the member actively participates in the committee the individual can earn up to 20 points as determined by the Chair of the committee.
  • Get and keep an updated list of members in the building with home phone, cell phone and personal email addresses.  The OEA office will assist by giving you all the info we have that we can share, so all you will have to do is update the lists.  If the member refuses to provide the info, the member will sign a form indicating that and a statement that tells them they will not be receiving important information from the OEA. You may be asked occasionally to send an email to members in your building, to their personal email address.  Therefore you will need to get all the personal email addresses listed together in one place so you can copy and paste into an email to send out.  The completed list must be turned in by January 15, 2015.   20 points



Responsibilities ARs will be expected to follow through with:

  • Forwarding emails.
  • Answering member questions.
  • Accompanying members to meetings with administration.
  • Referring members to OEA, providing OEA contact information.
  • Forward or hand out news letters to members in your building.
  • Other requests made by the OEA Board.


    There will be additional recognition at the end of the Association year for ARs receiving the earning points during the year and completing the other requirements.  Plaques, gift cards, billboard announcements on Interstate 80, $100 Cash, iPod, elimination of local dues, other interesting surprises.