OEA School Board Contact Team

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August 26, 2014
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September 15, 2014

OEA School Board Contact Team


OEA is looking for members eager to make a difference.  We need OEA teachers to meet with a specific individual OPS School Board Member. These small groups will be called OEA School Board Contact Teams.  The Superintendent knows of our plan and is supportive of the OEA School Board Contact Team plan.

These teams are meant to build positive relationships between the OPS Board of Education members and teachers in the Omaha Education Association and build an ongoing line of communication.  OEA wants the OPS Board of Education to hear from teachers directly.  We are looking for people who are interested in problem solving, collaborating, and listening.  Previous Association experience is not necessary.  We will train you, and you will be part of a small team of three to four people per OPS School Board member.

Requirements for Contact Teams

Teams will be representing the OEA, not themselves individually.  Team members must commit to the initial training in November.  Teams will meet with their OPS Board members within a designated week.  Contact Teams will meet with OEA executive team and/or staff prior to meeting with OPS Board members.  The months we hope to meet are November, February, and May.


  • Complete initial training.  The training may be offered on two different dates.
  • Represent the Association as agreed to during planning meetings.
  • Possess excellent communication skills.
  • Listen carefully and take notes about concerns of the OPS Board member during meetings.
  • Report after every meeting to the OEA Vice President–Advocacy.
  • Commit to a minimum of one year—may be ongoing into future years.
  • Meet with the OPS Board member three to four times a year during the specified week.
  • Meet with OEA executive team and/or staff prior to the OPS Board member meetings to learn the topics to be shared with the OPS Board member.
  • Teams will be comprised of three to four members.
  • Individual members of teams may not meet privately with OPS Board members to discuss OEA issues.

The OEA believes that meaningful communication between our teachers and the OPS Board of Education will amplify all we do to get great results for our students.  If you would like to be a member of an OEA School Board Contact Team and use your skills to develop positive relationships with OPS Board members, please contact Bridget Donovan, OEA Vice President–Advocacy, bndonovan@cox.net.