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Executive Board Supports Vargas in Legislative Race

The Executive Board of the Omaha Education Association met on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 to discuss the upcoming election and candidates for Nebraska Legislature in District 7. At this meeting we voted unanimously to offer our encouragement and support to Tony Vargas.

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VACANCY – Vice President–Member Benefits

A special election will be held on Tuesday, November 9th for the position of Vice President–Member Benefits — To fill remainder of the 2015-2018 original three year term. Click here for more information.

OPS Wants to Hear From You

Do you have questions or comments about the proposed 2017-18, or 2018-19 OPS Calendar? They are asking for input from all. EDUCATORS and OEA Members, OPS has reached out through OEA and asked us to share this information with you so you can give your input. The proposed calendars are posted on the link.
To weigh in on the calendars, call 402-557-2080, email or take a brief survey at



OEA-CAF School Board Election Recommendations!

District One: Ricky Smith (click here for more information)

District Three: Alex Gates (click here for more information)

District Seven: Amanda Ryan (click here for more information)

Vote November 8th!

Tip Off, September 14, 2016 Issue

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Tip Off, April 13, 2016 Issue

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