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Membership Application (2014-2015 Regular)

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A/R and Alternate Recognition and $100 Incentive Plan

We recognize that the strength and success of the Omaha Education Association is dependent to a large degree on the efforts of the Association Representatives and their Alternates! Having identified the AR role as critical, the following Recognition and Incentive Plan is being put into effect for the 2014-2015 school year for ARs and their Alternates.  Everything below that references ARs also applies to their Alternates.

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OEA School Board Contact Team


OEA is looking for members eager to make a difference.  We need OEA teachers to meet with a specific individual OPS School Board Member. These small groups will be called OEA School Board Contact Teams.  The Superintendent knows of our plan and is supportive of the OEA School Board Contact Team plan.

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