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Weekly Message – Negotiations Update

Good morning OEA members,

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a weekly message, and for that I apologize. Our negotiations team has been logging a great deal of overtime on behalf of teachers in OPS and I have been overly preoccupied working with and supporting our team.

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The OEA Negotiations Team will host a series of GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS providing detailed information about the FINAL CONTRACT PROPOSAL offered by the OPS Board of Education. The OEA Board of Directors unanimously rejected the last contract proposal offered by the district and RECOMMENDS all OEA members vote NO on the last and final contract proposal.

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2015 OEA General Election Information

The annual 2015 OEA General Election will be held on the third Tuesday in March (March 17th).

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Negotiations Information Meeting Dates/Times


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update 9:38pm Jan 26

Tip Off, January 21, 2015 Issue

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Tip Off, January 14, 2015 Issue

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