Do you want to have your voice heard? Do you want to shape the work of OEA? Become a committee member!

YOU are the OEA. Our strength is in the collective wisdom and creativity of our members. We need you to share your talents with us by serving on an OEA committee. What do you have to do? Click the link below to find a committee that matches your talents and interests. The committee chair will contact you with information on upcoming meetings (most are held just once a month).

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Compensation and Benefits

If you want to work on salaries, what’s in the master contract, this year’s negotiations, and have input into the long term discussion on alternative compensation, you need to join the C&B Committee!

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Early Childhood (ECSE/EDN)

Ethnic Minority Affairs

We know we need more minority teachers, but we also need more minority leaders in the Association! EMAC encourages ethnic minority participation in all levels of Association work, recommends honorees for the Human Relations Award, and advises OEA leadership on issues of special significant to our ethnic minority members.

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Are you a dot the i’s and cross the t’s kind of person? The Governance Committee is responsible for reviewing our Bylaws and Policies, recommending changes and conducting elections.

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Instructional Advocacy

Are you already serving on an OPS instructional committee but wanted to be an OEA voice on that committee? Do you want to help train new teachers? Do you have burning instructional issues (class size? Curriculum?) that you feel need to be addressed. Then this is the Committee for you!

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We can’t do it without you! We need creative people to help us design membership recruitment activities and welcome new teachers.

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The purpose of the Member Emergency Resource Committee (MER-C) Fund is to address immediate needs of OEA members undergoing financial hardship. The fund provides one time only short-term assistance, paid directly to the debt institution (e.g., OPPD, MUD, mortgage co., hospital, pharmacy, etc.) to offer a modicum of support for the OEA member as quickly as possible.

MER-C assistance is obtained by completing the below requested information and submitting the completed form to Robert Miller, via email (subject line MER-C Request) – – or in a sealed envelope sent to MER-C Request at OEA. After careful and circumspect review, the applicant is notified within 48 hours of the committee’s ability to assist.

Political Action Committee - PACE

Every decision in education is a political decision so we need to elect people who are going to support education! This is going to be a busy fall and we need all hands on deck to get pro-education candidates elected in November.

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Professional & Community Relations: PCR

Are you a circle who loves to promote education as a great profession? Join this Committee and work on parades, Read Across America, Laurel’s Night, and community service projects.


Are you ready to financially enjoy your retirement? The retirement committee not only receives regular reports regarding the Omaha School Employees Retirement System (OSERS) but they also provide programs to help individuals plan for their retirement.

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