E-Application MT Scholarship Form

The Fund is providing the scholarships through the cooperative arrangement between the Transit Authority of the City of Omaha (MT) and the Transport Workers Union of America, Local 223 (TWU) and OEA Foundation. The fund will provide annually, at a minimum, two college scholarships. The scholarship money will be paid directly to the student and may be used for tuition, college fees, or room and board while attending college and pursuing an undergraduate degree. To be eligible for the scholarships, the candidate must: 1. Be related to Metro Transit personnel as: a) The child or grandchild of an active employee, or b) The child or grandchild of a deceased employee, or c) The child or grandchild of a pensioner. 2. Be an individual whose person, character, and behavior are likely to reflect a credit to MT and TWU. 3. Have demonstrated ambition and eagerness to help himself or herself. 4. Be a senior and actually attending high school or other corresponding secondary high school, who will enter an accredited college in the following Fall Term.
    List your relationship to an active employee, a deceased employee, or a pensioner who sponsors this application.
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  • Please include the type of employment and the dates of employment
  • Please include names, ages, and occupations of brothers/sisters
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    We are having some issues with the attachment feature. Please e-mail your transcript and letters of recommendation to oeafoundation@gmail.com
  • By entering the confirmation code I verify the following: I have requested that the following be sent directly to the OEA Foundation, or I have downloaded the information herein, or I will mail hard copies to the OEA Foundation: 1) A transcript of grades through the first semester of my senior year. 2) A letter of recommendation from my principal or counselor. 3) A letter of recommendation from my employer, minister, neighbor or any other adult who knows the candidate. I will be available for personal interview if requested. If you agree, and have completed all of the above, please enter the confirmation code and submit this form. Thank you. Hard copies should be mailed to: OEA Foundation 4202 South 57th Street Omaha, NE 68117 (402) 346-0400 (402) 393-7998 - Linda Richter Confirmation Code: Enter the code shown in the box before clicking on submit.