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The Retired Program is open to any retired educator who has reached the age of 55, is eligible to receive benefits under a school employee retirement system and has held active membership in the Association.

  • OEA-R, NSEA-R, and NEA-R membership is unified and available to any retired member of OEA who was an active member of OEA at the time of retirement.
  • The new OEA-R member pays local dues of $10.00 annually or $100 life-time upon joining the Association program.
  • Membership in the NSEA-R and NEA-R is also required. Dues for NSEA-R are $25.00 annually or $200 life-time dues. NEA-R Annual Dues are $30 or $250 for life-time dues.
  • OEA-R Brochure

For further information regarding membership in OEA-R, contact Lorrie Krejci at the OEA (402-346-0400) or send Lorrie an E-mail.