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2019 Calendar Year Tax Deductible Dues:
Unfortunately, because of federal tax law changes, Association members will not receive an email from NSEA with their 2019 union dues amount for tax purposes. Changes to the federal tax code have meant that educators will no longer be allowed to deduct dues to professional associations as a miscellaneous itemized deduction.
Prior to 2018, individuals could potentially deduct dues to professional associations, subject to the 2 percent of adjusted gross income. However, the tax code was changed in 2018 and miscellaneous itemized deductions are no longer allowed.
For more details, and for the best advice, contact your professional tax preparer. Your deductions can be found by reviewing your monthly bank statements or your cancelled checks or credit card statement.
That being said, teachers and education support professionals can claim an above-the-line federal tax deduction for the first $250 of “out-of-pocket” spending on student supplies. The above-the-line deduction is important because an eligible school employee does not have to itemize deductions to qualify.
Further, if both spouses are educators, they can deduct up to $500.