Welcome to the OEA Family!

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Our union is broken down into three levels- local, state and national. When you join one you join all three. Here is the breakdown of your dues.

OEA (Local)        $104

NSEA (State)      $208

NEA (National)  $100

Total dues          $412

7-month deduction (January-July)                      


Forms can be filled out and submitted using Adobe Reader. Forms will NOT submit properly if filled out in a browser window. Using Reader, you can fill out the form and either print and mail back to NSEA, or use an electronic signature, save and attach to an email (send to membership@nsea.org). If clicking on the button below opens the form in a browser, “right click” on the button and download it to your computer directly. Questions? Email membership@nsea.org.

By submitting your membership form, you are authorizing/permitting and accept any changes in the amount of dues and/or contributions officially adopted by the respective governing bodies upon certification of the local association unless I revoke this membership in writing after May 1, 2021 and prior to June 2021 to the OEA office, 4202 S. 57th Street Omaha, NE 68117.

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To fill out your membership forms.

Currently attached form is valid from January 1 – February 28, 2021

Helpful information when completing the “DUES” block of your membership form:

Field 1:  NEA/NSEA    = $308.00

Field 2:  Local              = $104.00

Field 3:  NEA-FUND    = Optional

Field 4:  Local PAC     = Optional (but $10.00 would be good!)

Field 5:  Total              = $412.00 + any optional amount you have added